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The Overlay tool displays a second data run profile over the currently displayed profile on the Data Graph for comparison.

Important Information

This is available when in Engineer Mode.


To overlay two Profiles:

1)On the Tools menu, click Overlay. A list box of data run files (.XMG) in the currently open working directory appears.
2)Select a data run file (.XMG) to overlay on the original.


The profile will be inserted at the same process origin and automatically scaled to the same Temperature (Y) axis. The original Data plots remain as solid lines while those added for comparison are dashed.

Important Information

The dashed “Overlay” Data Plots are the same color as the original Data Plots.


To remove the overlaid Data Graph:

1)Select the Overlay command again.


Overlay Applications

The Overlay and Magnify tools can be used together to overlay and compare ideal reference profiles and magnified portions of the two data files. They can have different but overlapping Time (X) values (times, point numbers, logging intervals) or temperatures.


Overlay Limitations

If the Data Plots are too numerous to clearly see the information of interest, they can be suppressed by turning the desired channel in one or both files "OFF". This must be done to the overlaid data run file prior to using the Overlay tool. Save that data run file and use the Overlay tool again.


This command can be accessed on the Toolbar when the Profile Tab is active.

Overlay Button

Overlay Button