Power Pack

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Power Pack

The MEGAM.O.L.E.® 20 Profiler is powered by a removable Power Pack and it is important to make sure it is charged and operating properly before each data run. When connected to a computer, the software displays the voltage of the Power Pack on the Status bar. Refer to topic Status Bar for more information.


When the Power Pack needs to be charged use the transformer charger or USB computer interface cable supplied with the kit. Refer to the instructions in topic Charging the Power Pack. It is recommended that a spare Power Pack be ordered so that one is charging while the other one is being used.



Data/Charging Port: This port is located on the backside of the battery. This is used to transfer data through the USB computer Interface cable to the computer. It is also used to charge the battery using the supplied transformer.


When the Power Pack is connected to a powered computer USB Port, the power from the USB Port will charge the Power Pack battery.

Activity Indicator: This LED illuminates when the Power Pack is charging.

Interface Connector: This connector interfaces with the rear interface connector on the Main Module. It is where the power and signal data is transferred.

Alignment Pins: These pins are used to secure the Power Pack to the Main Module. These are also keyed so it properly aligns with the Main Module.