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We’ll Do the Heavy Lifting

Posted on Nov 10, 2016

With ECD’s portfolio of carriers designed for various thermal processes, you can rest assured your thermal profiler will be safely transported and protected. From reflow to wave and V-M.O.L.E®s to SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold 2s to PCBs, ECD’s carrier systems ensure proper safeguarding of valuable thermal data.

Carriers Include:


Side Rider™

Have a rail-only oven with tight tunnel space? No worries! Side Rider’s streamlined design prevents the profiler from becoming lodged in the oven or falling from the carrier. Designed to transport various thermal profilers, Side Rider securely moves the profiler through beltless reflow ovens with very tight tunnel tolerances.

ECD Reflow Rider

Reflow Rider™

For reflow ovens with edge rail conveyors, Reflow Rider is the preferred carrier. Side rails easily adjust for height, adapting easily to new oven configurations.


E-Z Rider™ for Wave Soldering

Adjusts to PCB width in seconds and thermal profiler is held securely in place for save transport through wave soldering systems.

ECD Board Carrier

Board Carrier™

Versatile and secure, ECD’s Board Carrier firmly holds boards of varied sizes.

Profiler and PCBs need a lift? Get on board with ECD’s robust carrier solutions today!

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