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ECD’s OvenCHECKER™ Makes Verifying the Reflow Process Easy and Fast

Posted on Apr 27, 2016

Want to know if your oven is in control? Eliminate the guesswork with OvenCHECKER™, the simple way to verify a reflow process to confirm that it’s in spec (or not!). Using the power of the V-M.O.L.E.® thermal profiler, OvenCHECKER verifies reflow oven settings in three easy steps:

  1. Set the profile specifications: ramp, soak, time above liquidus, peak
  2. Send OvenCHECKER through the reflow oven
  3. Press the “OK” button and find out of the process is a Go or No-Go according to the spec

Run a reliable, repeatable reflow process with the confidence that OvenCHECKER provides. Call or e-mail ECD for a free quote or more details.

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