Electronics Manufacturing

ECD Temperature profiling systems are designed to meet the tough demands for: Reflow, Wave Solder, Vapor Phase, and Rework

Smartest Profiler on the Planet

SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold 2 is a value-packed thermal profiling workhorse most often relied upon for in-transit thermal profiling work

Benefits of Temperature Profiling in Baking

Baking Profiling Improves product consistency, minimizes waste, reduces energy consumption and cost, facilitates process reproducibility, enables minimization of ingredients, and increases line profitability.

Optimized Baked Goods

Profiling is critical when staling, early mold, and baking uniformity is an issue. Learn more to optimize baked goods.

BakeWATCH® & Breadometer®

The portable, programmable BakeWATCH® Profiling Kit offers a method to measure, record, and document both baked goods and oven temperature variations in your conveyorized ovens in an easy- to-transport configuration, eliminating long cables or wires.

Solar Thermal Profiling

ECD Temperature profiling systems are designed to meet the tough demands for: Metallization and Lamination

V-M.O.L.E.® Solar

ECD’s V-M.O.L.E.® Solar Profiling System is designed to provide assurance that these key process parameters are met quicker and easier than any other profiler on the market.

Process Heat Treating Solutions

ECD Temperature profiling Systems are designed to meet the tough demands for: Static and Conveyorized Ovens, Furnaces, Heat Treating, Powder Coating, and more.

Intelligent Dry Storage

Immediate visual confirmation of dry storage status means no more guessing about cabinet readiness.

Fast Recovery Time

Market-leading recovery time of less than 3 minutes provides constant access to stored parts.

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